I've been working on my Romanian since June, but since I have no guide, my learning has been a mess, I can use the past tense of ''to be'' but I can't name the colours. I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to give me advice because I'm pretty much lost. I'm trying to be in touch with the language through music and films, obviously.


Thank you.

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Hi! I am a Romanian and I can help you with Roamanian language.

The colors are different than in english or german languages, there is now association you can make, so you need to learn them.

Romanian language is a romance language. It would help if you are familiar with italian, spanish or french languages.

Let me know if you have any questions.


I can speak Spanish fluently though, it should help.


I have a question, when is ''să'' used in a sentence??
When there are two verbs, ''să'' takes place inbetween. But here you have an example: ''Trebuie să merg''. Here the unreasonable thing occurs: ''mă poți ajuta''! Why doesn't ''să'' come inbetween those verbs???


să is used with the meaning of "to" in conjunctive present as in "I have to go=Trebuie sa merg" . It's used in between two verbs if the first one is a modal verb in an affirmative question(trebuie--have to, must, can).In the example ''mă poți ajuta'', there is no să, as it translates to"can you help me?" : can you=poti; mă=me (also translated to"pe mine", help me=ajută-mă, ajută pe mine) and help=ajuta, a ajuta(infinitive). Să is not used in an interrogative phrase or exclamative sentence (no să in phrases like Can you do this ? , You can do it!, You can help me!)


Talking with a Romanian native speacker. :)

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