I'm a french speaker and i saw many times alike when i read papers or text. For me, lke and alike have the same meaning but I want to know how to use it.

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tiffy 7350

like - is a word to describe similarity or alikeness. It can also used when you admire something or someone.

For example:

  • John looks like his brother James.
  • I like your bag.

alike - is an adjective that means similar or the same. It can also mean as "in the same manner"

For example:

  • They look alike.
  • Rules that are ignored by teachers and students alike must be implemented properly to maintain peace and harmony.

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ahenus 11540
you need to put a noun or a noun phrase after like but you mustn't do so after alike.

You think like my mum = You and my mum think alike.

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