I have trouble to memorizing and understanding the tenses, can you tell me the easy way?

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Firi 260

It's all about the simple tense When you've mastered the simple tenses, it would be easy to understand the rest of the tenses. The simple tense is not really simple as it name. Give more attention to the use of auxiliary verbs (to be, do-does-did, etc.), regular and irregular, then the tenses would be no more a big problem to understand.


The easiest way is to watch movies in English and listen to the lectures on topics of your interest being read by native speakers, then grammar goes into your head just by itself. The trick is like with your mother language, you don't actually LEARN grammar rules in order to speak it, it comes naturally so create conditions to be as much exposed to the language as you possibly can by watching movies, reading articles, listening to English radio and you won't notice how it will stick into your head, plus such method insures you are going to sound very natural as well while all these boring grammar tables would only cause unnatural pauses in your thinking and speaking processes when it comes to English language. Kind regards and good luck!:)


I find it difficult to remember all the english grammar, and in my opinion, the way you can talk english effectively is to learn the english phrase directly. Try to get the phrase and practice it.


Watching movies with the proper subtitles. My language was nothing 2 years ago but now I see the differences on me by myself. Good luck !


By context in sentences, by using it in them. Try to catch what is meaning, and next to translate it with the dictionary. If you can build it without learning, because you know all words, you do not study it more. But if it is exemption, I suggest to learn it aloud. The good way to remembering is to write the phrase or idiom or word in search on website google.com by imagination.


Need concentrate and strugle


in my opinion, the way is to watch movies in English and listening to English radio..


In my opinion, there is must be to some one more and more knowledge about grammar and English words meaning. So the first step is grammar


let me tell here , if anybody realy wants to learn there are four skills in english named WSRL writting , speaking, reading, listing matters here what you want to beef up ,

I make you out in a simple way if you want to speak & listen : Just watch Videos , Movies , songs

if want to beef up reading & Writting skill: Just go to grammer


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