We're having an exam tomorrow and I want to know how to negate a sentence. I got confused on what to change in the sentence and to where should I put the word "not" or "never."

Hoping to get a quick response...


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To negate depends on what tense is written the sentence.

Simple present negative form: Use "don't" after (I, You, They, We) Ex: I don't like bananas.

 And use "doesn't" after (He, She, It) Ex: She doesn't have English class on Saturdays.

Present progressive negative: Use "not" after verb to be. Ex: Laura is not playing tennis now.
I am not...         You are not...

Past simple: Use "didn't" after all the subject pronouns. (I didn't... You didn't... He/She/It didn't...  They/ We didn't and the verb in main form.

There are more tenses to explain but I don't time. I hope you find much more informations.

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