When can we use for or to?

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TO - direction, FOR - intention

I gave the beer to her. x I bought the beer for her.



I have one question.
It's more easy to think that the preposition TO always go to together with the verb GO the same way happen with LISTEN?

(Forgive my english, I'm still learning)


When you have the verb TO GO and you want to show that someone is going to some place you can have the following examples:

I have to go TO school.

You went TO church.

He didn't want to go TO THE mall.

She has to go TO THE bathroom.

We would like to go to the soccer game.

They wish they could go downtown.

I want to go home now.

The verb TO GO can have three possibilities:

- TO


- Without any preposition


Hi teacher,

I don't speak english very well, but his presentation was very good, and simple. Now,  I would like to know when to use,  YOUR and  HIS. For atenttion, thank you!!!!


Thank you very very much...


thanks for shared. this is very useful


It helped a lot!

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