Hey I was wondering what is your favorite slang way to greet someone. Here is a list of my favorite 5 ways to greet someone in slang. Vote for your favorite one in the comments.

  1. Yo
  2. Whats up
  3. Hey
  4. Sup
  5. Hey there


whats up

8 Answers


MBMD 160

I prefer "Hey !!!"


From these you mentioned, i would go for "hey there" or "whats up?". Also, i quite like "what's happening" (it is pronounced whatsappening)


I don't think there are ''best ways'' to greet someone. Just depends on you and if u like it, thats fine.

I prefer 'hey there' it's kinda cute, isn't it? ;)


Dian 140

i prefer say "hi" to greet someone. "Hi" in Indonesi is "hai". Indonesian people usually greet the others "hai".


ijewel 140

I prefer "Hey there"


I prefer what´s up bitches and motherfuckers!!


B 200
Hey there


what's up

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