Hi my name is Élvia and I'm learning english for 1 year and I have problem with express wishes in English...

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tiffy 7350
You can use the following:

I wish you all the best in life.

I hope you'll reach your dreams of becoming a writer.


You can use  the forms i wish and i hope, both are used to talk about situations or desires that we have

the difference between them is that you can use

Hope: for situations that are possible

Wish for the situations that are opposite of the current reality or maybe impossible

I hope i get good grades

i hope i passed my test

i wish i had more money ( in reality i don't have money but i want to have money)

i wish i were traveling around the world.( in reality  I'm here but i'd like to be traveling around the world)

in the case of wish even though we use the past for of the verb we are not speaking in past

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