We use all of them alot but i dont know the difference i searched it alot and i found the answers but they were not explained clearly so i said maybe this website can explain this clearly

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I can define picture like drawingpainting, or photograph of something or someone.

For example,did you take a picture when ı was catching fish ? 

I can define photo like a picture made with a camera.

For instance,ı took a photo of Adriana Lima when she was sunning :)

I can define image like a picture of somebody/something seen in a mirror, through a camera, or on a television or computer.

To illustrate, Jennifer lawrence stared at his own image reflected in the water.

I hope this will be helpfull for you .


While an image may have many meanings, a photo is the picture produced by a camera • You describe a person based upon his image in your iconic memory, and it is not the photo • Image is what is formed in mirrors and lenses and not photos


photo: anything taken with an electric devise e.g. camera e.g.: photocopy, photograph: picture: is usually a man- made drawing which is basically considered as a work of art. image: is to copy or draw a person or a statue into a paper. i...


İs everything clear now ?


Image can be much more vague. "God made man in his image." Not a tangible or concise photo or picture of someone or something, but more an overall idea of what something is like.

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