Hi everybody, two questions...

-Can I say...my friend is something chubby,something fat(he is a little)...is it correct "something"?

-How do you say....all different but all good people or everybody different but everybody good people?

Thank you again.

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Chubby is an adjective, meaning 'a little overweight'. (To call someone 'fat' is not a nice way to describe them, and some people can feel insulted.)

You can say that your friend is 'a little chubby', or 'very chubby'.


Then "all different but all good people" and "everybody is different but everybody is a good person"....is it correct? Thank you Josep and Ajarn.



I would say >

"Everybody is different, but everyone is a good person."

Everybody is more of a 'collective' pronoun and is not singularly specific... whereas everyone is specifically singular.

In your first phrase... Everybody is different... this is a general phrase, describing a plural collective 'everybody'.

In the 2nd phrase... xxxx is a good person... this is a Singular expression.. "a good person".... therefore the more singular 'everyone' is more appropriate!

or you could say >

Everybody is different, but each is a good person.


Everybody is different, but all are good people.


Everyone is different, but everyone is a good person.

etc. hahahaha



I speak about my friends...everybody is different but all are good people.... i like this. Ok, thanks


Josep 4650

Hi Valentin,

No, you cannot use 'something' there because 'something' is a pronoun, not an adverb or adjective.

Everybody is also a pronoun so you need something between 'everybody' and 'different'. Everybody is different -> Correct! Everybody is like a noun, like Joseph, Jane ... So you need to place a verb after it!


WRONG !!!! Sorry to dispute you Josep, BUT....

Everybody is a singular pronoun... People is a Plural Noun!!!

Everybody is a good person. (Not 'People')

Though in this context... 'Everybody' is misused... and 'Everyone' would be better.

Everyone is a good person.

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