At 11:26 of this talk show segment (), Lady Gaga said, "I don't like it when fashion fails me."
Then the host said, "It rarely does...because it's always bought."

Does "fail" here mean "let her down"?
And why did the host say "because it's always bought"?
Did he mean "fashion always accepts Lady Gaga"?

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Yes, 'fail' means 'let her down.'

I'm not sure the word he says is 'bought' but his sense is that she rules fashion and not vice versa.


"Xxx fails me" has a slightly more subtle meaning than "xxx lets me down". The most common usage, when faced with something you find so difficult/stupid you don't know how to express your feelings, is "words fail me". The phase is most often used in the context "there is something I wish to do, but xxx is not up to the job I need it to do". You can use it in very practical terms"I tried to climb the hill, but my legs failed me".

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