I don't undertand very well the difference between if/whether. Thank you very much...

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Mixy is right. "If" introduces a condition, like Spanish "si." Wether introduces a condition where there are more than one outcome. Sometimes the other condition isn't introduced like in this sentence: “Wether I go to China won't change anything." In this sentence you know that the condition is "to go or not," but people omit it often in spoken English.

If: only one condition.

Wether: one thing OR another may happen.


whether -  (watch your spelling)




Whether means u have two choice &  u must do both EX: I'm going to shop whether i have a car or no.


mixy 150
I'm not completely sure but I try to make an example:

1) I would buy a plane if I was rich

2) I'm going out later wheter it's sunny or rainy


in  my opinion it should be:
1) I would buy a plane if I WERE rich

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