I have received email where an english or supposed to be english wrote: I do remain waiting for.......... I know that auxiliary "do/did" has to be used for negative or interogative phrases only. I would like to know if the above phrase is correct ? Thanks in advance for clarification.

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Dio 2600

Yes, that's correct. We use 'do' here to intensify the message, give them extra stress in pronunciation to make them sound louder, longer or higher in tone. It means that you really remain waiting...


AlonsoMR 1140

Hi, yes, Dio is right. Sometimes, we use the auxiliary "do" in order to give stress and emphasis. For example, someone can say "my leg hurts" and someone else says "my leg does hurt" to mean that his leg is really hurting, probably more than the guy who said it first. Hope this helped, thanks. Alonso

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