What does "whatever it takes" mean? I've been searching everywhere but no one can make me understand. Is it the same as "no matter what" or something? Can I use "I will protect her, whatever it takes" or that doesn't make sense? I'm not good at English, that's why I'm here. I'm sorry If I made any mistakes :)

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Hello! Yes, "whatever it takes" is similar to "no matter what." "He will do what ever it takes to protect her" for example, means that he will do anything that is possible, or use any method or plan to protect her from harm. So, "he will do anything that he is able to, so that he can protect her." Hope that this helps you! - Nicholas


Hello Nicholas! Thank you so much for answering the question. I understand it now :)


Please pay more attention to grammer, signposts and punctuations in sentences since we don't only answer people's questions but also guide them to construct correct sentences.

Thank you for your receptiveness.

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