Hi friends,

Everyone has a way to learn the vocabulary, so could you tell me the way you use?

Thanks for sharing with me as well as the others :)

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I read comics a lot, Japanese comics exactly. And they are written in English instead of Japan. By reading them enrich my vocabulary. Maybe you should try to do activity you most love to do. It will be much faster if you learn by doing something you have fun with.


I think,you should read newspaper,books,novels,stories and buy a small notebook to write new words in it.


I always use cards with a sentence from dictionary and the i write one relationed whit somthing personal, that is the way to remember it


Read,.. It all starts there. don't learn it by word, but by context (how it's used in as sentence). When you can't understand a paragraph or a sentence, your curiosity will help you remember that word. Don't forget to higlight that sentence and make sure to test yourself next time if you can still remember what that word means in that context.

Reading a word, then the meanin is a bit boring. I read instead. I get entertained, and I also learn.




Tam S 150
Whichever way you choose is good actually, the point of doing it successfuly is to enjoy learning. So the best way, aside from speaking to native speakers which is the most important of all ways, is to read books, comics or whatever, something easy when you're just starting out and as you go further it has to become more complicated. The other way is watching movies, tv series, cartoons and so on. This will help you to get better skills in listening and recognizing words rather than just knowing their meanings and the way they're spelled, it also helps to improve pronunciation since you can mimic what you've heard. That's why my advice on this case is,  whenever you're watching something and you hear a new word, pause the video and repeat this word a couple times to make it printed in your memory. And the last one is write short notes using new words that you've learned. It is also very helpful when it comes to memorizing.


Blur77 140

I prefer to learn vocab using flashcards on a smartphone.

I use Barabook application and they have very easy and flexible tool of card set creation.

Hope it will help.

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