There are many methods for teaching vocabulary but I want to know the best method. Further more, could you send me the correct step for teaching vocabulary

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Let me try to help you out :-)

Teaching vocabulary is not something that has a 'correct' or 'wrong' way of teaching. A lot of teachers, such as myself, prefer to use 2 methods - either pairing new words to visuals (for example, pictures, objects,... but also actions  - mainly for verbs-) or through contextual discovery in texts.

Contextual discovery is something I would use more with 'more advanced' students since it requires quite a lot of logical thinking.

For example,

1. You would like to know the Italian word for knife. Since this is more of a lower-level word, the approach would be to do a guided discovery using words and pictures (match the word to the picture for example)

2. When in contextual discovery, the word needs to be clear through understanding an entire sentence - "After his beloved dog passed away, the boy spent weeks feeling mournful." - the word you are trying to understand is "mournful". This, you can understand by trying to imagine the situation in which the boy finds himself.

"beloved dog" -> A dog which he loved very much

'boy' -> presumably young age (under 12)

"passed away" -> died

Knowing from those 3 keywords and phrases, we can conclude that "mournful" means "very sad".

So, in short, for single words (mostly nouns and verbs) and lower-level students,  it's best to try to link them to a visual, for more complex words, the contextual approach would be the answer (for me)

If you would like to learn more vocabulary, the answer would always be to read. Try to find which method works best for you.


I hope this helps!

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