I am confused on the use of apostrophe for the name of a club. Can anyone help me please?

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Remember that the apostrophe is used to show that "it" belongs to, so if you want to express that the club belongs to millionaires, you have to use it this way: Millionaire's club. If you used "millionaires club", you would be saying that the clubs are millionaires...


The position of the apostrophe determines whether the sentence refers to ONE millionaire or to SEVERAL millionaires.

If the apostrophe is BEFORE the "s", it refers to a single millionaire: millionaire's club = the club that belongs to THE millionaire

If the apostrophe is AFTER the "s", it refers to more than one millionaire: millionaires' club = the club that belongs to more than one millionaire

I'm not sure how "millionaires club" would be used in a sentence properly.


I reckon millionaires club could be used as the actual name of the club in and of itself and not meaning the possession of the club by someone. not sure, though

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