I have a doubt, What's the difference between say and tell, and hear and listen ?, namely, How can I use these verbs in the correct way ? Is there an especific use for them ?                                                             

I apprecciate some help :cheeky

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that is really simple, you say SOMETHING

For example:she said that she is not coming

and you tell SOMEONE something

for example; she told ME that she is not coming

you listen when you want to listen beacuse you are paying attention

for example: you listen to music or you listen to your teacher

you hear when you just happen to hear by chance

for example: I heard a noise downstairs

another use of hear is when you hear bands live. In spanish we say "ver bandas"

in english we "hear bands"

Hope that helps.


When i listen something is because i want to listen a music, a people talking and when a hear something is because I have ear. because we can´t turn off the ear for not hear anything when we don´t want.


I eat something tonight.

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