I liked so much this technic. I'm not sure if I will be able to do it, but I will start it with a book I am reading now. I didn't understand what does SY and SG means.

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Astheart 2940
Well, PolarBear, I don't think you're right. SB is commonly used for somebody. I agree with Tiffy, we need to know the area of science that book is about.


Excuse me, but I learned this way from a Hungarian online learning site :) In spite of all these I absolutely agree with you! I saw SB as an abbreviation in more places.


SY = somebody

SG = something


so simply angel


tiffy 7350
what type of book you are reading? SG and SY could have different meanings. SG can be Support Group or Subgroup then SY could be School Year!


I support the first reply , SY some body , and SG some thing

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