When should I use nothing or anything? If I want to say that somenthing is gone, finish. How will correct to say: there is nothing here or there is anything here?

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You would say either " There is nothing here." or " There isn't anything here."  Nothing means zero; anything means at least one or more. So, if you have nothing, you have zero. If you don't have anything, you don't have even one, which still means zero.




Good answer teacher :D I appreciate it.


You're welcome! Glad it helped!


You can also check the use of the negative with both words, " there is nothing here" the word nothing is naturally negative so  you don't need an auxiliary, and  " there isn't anything here"  you need to use an auxiliary for the sentence, in both cases the meaning is zero you already got an explanation about that :)


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when it is totally gone, you should say nothing. So, your sentence should be:

  • There is nothing here.
  • There is nothing I could do to save the life of your dog.

.. you can use anything if there are choices or if there's something to do like:

  • Is there anything I could do for you?


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