1.With " Premarital pregnancy" which verb should I use ? In the context like . In my country, there are more and more teenagers ....... premarital pregnancy . Can I use "commit" ?

2.We say the quake hit NZ 2 years ago . Can I say "battered" in lieu of hit ?

Thanks 4 all answers :)

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Kathi 1290
  1. One wouldn't "commit" premarital pregnancy. "Commit" can have a negative connotation to it. One "commits a crime", but one is also "committed to a cause". Also, "premarital pregnancy" is a bit awkward. "Premarital sex" can lead to "having a baby out of wedlock". When describing a woman who is pregnant out of wedlock, the best way is just that, "She got pregnant out of wedlock." But that also begs the question, is the lack of a husband really all that important to the situation? Many women have babies without being married. Marriage isn't as important in the 21st century as it was generations ago.

  2. For the Christ Church earthquakes, I would definitely describe that as "battered". If you wanted to employ some alliteration, you could say, "The South Island was battered by a barrage of earthquakes a few years ago." "Bombarded" by earthquakes and after-shocks would be another appropriate description of the events.


Your answers are all marvellous . They help me a lot. Many thanks.

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