Which is correct to say this is my house or this is my home?

When we can use house and when we can use home?

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I agree with Valentin, but would add that a house is a building that one family lives in. An apartment building or condominium is not a house, nor is an office building. But, an apartment or condo can be your home if it is the place where you live.


House is for a building. It can be a building where you don't live in.

Home is the word to describe the place you live in.

You could say: This house is my home.


House is a place/building to live in. it can be you or another people (without you). but home is a place where you live in either alone or with somebody else.



House: this is my house but i my uncle stay here. 

Home: this is my home, i live here since my childhood time.



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