What is the difference between city and town? I am from Europe (Bulgaria) and in Bulgarian we have one word for this words.

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shortly - city is big and town is small.

such big cities as New York, Tokyo, Beijing and many others. They have huge population.

Town doesn't have many people and it's not very large as well


I totally agree with ajiaMarta. Another example could be, London is a city whereas Oxford is a town.


Ha ha! London is a capital city, this mean is a metropolis.


You might also find that some native speakers use town idiomatically, meaning they refer to a city as a town. For example, someone who lives in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. might say, "I am going into town." Not everyone says "I'm going into the city." You might also use the expression "to go downtown," meaning the central part of a city instead of location further out.


i used to hear that a city is a town with a cathedral !

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