Is there any differnece between envy , jealousy . enviable and envious i am too much confused about it please help me out of the problem.

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envious and 'jealous' mean the same thing
If you are jealous, you feel like you have a rival or competitor. 
You have a strong dislike or hatred for the person that has something. 
You are mostly angry at a person that has something you think you should have. 

Jealous or jealousy is often used to talk about relationships. 
What is the definition of 'envious'? 
The word 'envious' has a little nicer meaning. 
If you are envious, you feel unhappy or sad that you don't have what someone else has. 
You don't hate the person that has those things, 
you just feel like you should have them too. 
Although 'envious' is a little more positive than 'jealous', it can still have a bad meaning. 
Be careful when using this word in writing. 
You might be misunderstood without gestures or tone of voice. 
When speaking, you can use the phrase 'I'm so jealous!' or 'I'm so envious!' almost interchangeable. Both of these phrases mean 'I'm so happy for you, I wish I could do that or have that!'. 

The word 'enviable' has the most positive of feelings of all these words. 
It means 'exciting envy' or 'fortunate or very desirable'. 
This word is often used to describe positions or responsibilities.

and Enviable means being able to make others envy Envious means feeling or showing envy(envy means you feel uncomfortable because you wanted something that someone else have) jealous means almost the same as envious. They are synonyms ok dear


Envy and jealousy are NOUNS.

Envious is used to describe a person while enviable is used to describe a noun.

For example: John is envious of Amy's apple. Amy's apple is enviable because it is so juicy.

Envy is used in a more formal context, like the seven deadly sins. Jealous is more light-hearted.


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Jealousy is different from envy in that it implies you directly want what the other person has, usually in the context of a relationship. For example, "I am not jealous on account of my ex's remarriage (I realized we weren't right for each other) but I am envious of the happiness he has found in his current marriage." If you love someone who loves someone else, that would be jealousy, but wishing you had someone else's wealth, status or happiness would be envy. To be in an enviable position would be to be worthy of envy, and to be envious would be to want something similar to what the enviable person has.

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