I would like to know the difference between "outdoor" and "outside"? Is it for the context? Or for what? I don't know why in some occassions it puts outdoor and in other puts outside. Is it for the place? Could it be for the measure? Thanks.

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outdoor is something done, existing,happening outside, furthermore outdoor is an adjective and outside mainly functionates as a preposition, adverb


outdoor it  means when you are in the open air .......and outside means when you arent at home it is  can be  the  other place or the organization and  ec.


Outside implies that the object or action is not inside a given environment (not just a building, it can be any space or container); whereas outdoor(s) implies that it is simply not inside a building. In other words, outdoors is a more specific way to say that someone or something is outside of a building; whereas outside can be used to describe any instance of someone or something not being in(side) something else.


Outdoors (you normally add an "s") vs. Indoors 

Outdoors means in nature, not inside any buildings; for example, sometimes, we describe nature as "the great outdoors" 

Indoors means inside of some type of buiding; for example, "we should be indoors during this bad weather"

Outside vs. Inside

Outside means not "in"; for example, "the shoe is outside of the shoe box" (the shoe is beside its shoe box); it can also mean outdoors; for example, "let's go play outside" (outside can mean in the front yard)

Inside means not "out"; so, for example, "the spider is inside of my shoe"; it can also mean indoors; for example, "let's go back inside. It's too hot out here"



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